Clone Multiple Computer
Clone Multiple Computers can be used to clone the software and operating system assigned to a source computer to a group of target computers. Note that settings and personal files are not cloned. Clone Multiple Computers will make a 1-1 clone, meaning that all programs assigned to the target computers will be removed from the target computers.

Clone Multiple Computers can be found under the Clone button in the menu:


Start be selecting the source computer:


After a source computer has been selected, the assigned software is displayed in the center view. You can deselect software you do not wish to clone to the target computers.

Software with a  cannot be added to the target computer.



Select the target computers from the right menu.

You can select a query directly in the drop-down box or you can click on the "Select Resources" button to apply a more advanced search filter or do a free hand selection.


Under the target computers in the left menu you find the "Clone only software" button.


By enabling this button, only the assigned software will be cloned. The target computer will not be reinstalled with a new operating system.

Existing software will not be removed from the target computers.


If left unselected, the target computers will be reinstalled and all programs assigned to them will be removed. It will be complete clones of the target computer selected in the left menu.



Click on the Start cloning button to initiate the cloning process:




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