Configuration of security roles

For each security role, the access for the active directory module need to be configured, by editing existing roles, or creating new ones does this.

 Figure 1: Setting menu buttons



The access for the module is set in the menu button tab in the configuration of the security role, as seen in figure 1, in here you can limit access to the AD-user and AD-Group interface so a user Ex. cant delete anything in the active directory. 

Next step is to select the organization units the role is allowed to work on, this is done in the last tab of the edit/create security role, and can be seen in figure 2.


SoftwareCentral active directory module doesnt work with nested AD-groups, so if a security role is allowed to work on an OU, only groups inside the OU can be modified.


To add and OU to a role, just select the OU in the dropdown, and press ‘Add membership’ the OU will be present in the grid.





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