Configure HTTPS

When SoftwareCentral has been installed there exists one default binding to the localhost on port 8082 using http.


If you are using Azure OpenID Authentication, you need a localhost binding using https.

Click on the "Add..." button and create a new binding on an available port, e.g.: 8080. You may use the IIS self signed certificate, as this site can only be reached from this server.

You can also create your own self signed certificate using the following PowerShell cmdlet:

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New-SelfSignedCertificate –Subject localhost


The local https binding must be used when configuring SoftwareCentral.



Next you must add the binding to your desired host name. The hostname should also be configured in your DNS.

Click on the "Add..." button and add a binding to your hostname.

Choose a certificate trusted by your clients and click OK.


You may also add a binding on port 80 for your SoftwareCentral hostname. That way, users who do not enter https:// in their browser, will still be able to find SoftwareCentral.

A rewrite rule exists that will redirect users to the https site.


If you are using Azure OpenID Authentication, you may proceed to Create App Registration for Azure OpenID Authentication.

If you are using Windows Authentication you may proceed to Configure SoftwareCentral for the first time.



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