Q: The monitor window loads slowly

A1: If many of the target clients are offline, it will load slowly.

A2: The monitor may not be able to connect to the clients due to security rights or a faulty DNS server.

A3: If the clients are located in another domain, the monitor may not be able to connect to them.


Q: Success states is changed to failed

A: The monitor gets data from 3 sources. The sources are prioritized, so that one may overrule the others. The order is as follows:

1.    The SCCM server

2.    Client logs

3.    Registry data


Q: The monitor says the program is installed, but it is not

A: The monitor only displays the status of the deployment. If the program is removed at a later point, manually or by the SCCM, the monitor will not reflect this.


Q: During reinstallations my Software Groups are not applied in the selected order

A: You can set the installation order of software groups. But Software Groups containing applications cannot be mixed with Software Groups containing packages.

Applications will be installed in order and Packages will be installed in order. The order of applications and packages Software Groups depends on the Task Sequence. If your “Install Applications” step comes first, applications will be installed first and if your “Install Packages” step comes first, packages will be installed first.


Q: Can I get an overview of where a program is installed

A: If you want a complete overview of where a program is installed, go to the Software Status interface.





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