This chapter is targeted to administrators and describes some of the most common issues during the configuration of this module.


Q: Why is the list of available packages empty?

A: SoftwareCentral gets the packages from the internet. The server hosting the SoftwareCentral web site must be connected to the internet and have port 80 open. Please note that proxy servers must configured to allow this traffic. Follow the error messages in the log if no packages show up in the list.


Q: The list of packages is showing, but I cannot click on the import button.

A: You have not entered your SoftwareCentral account details under the settings menu or your subscription does not include SoftwareCentral Plus.


Q: Packages won’t download.

A: If you are using a proxy server, it must support the HTTP/1.1 standard and allow traffic between the SoftwareCentral server and our servers at http://softwarecentralupdate.com


Q: Can I download the packages without importing them to my SCCM?

A: All packages can also be downloaded from https://softwarecentralupdate.com



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