Installing SoftwareCentral in the untrusted domain

Users in an untrusted domain cannot access a normal SoftwareCentral installation because SoftwareCentral is reliant on Windows Authentication.

Therefore an extra installation of SoftwareCentral is required in the untrusted domain.


The installation is done as any other installation. Simply point the ConnectionString file to the existing SoftwareCentral database.


Connection String

Because the database and the new SoftwareCentral installation is located in two domains without trust between them, a SQL login is required.


Create a SQL Login and grant it read, write and execute permissions on the SoftwareCentral database. Use this login in the ConnectionString.xml file. E.g.:;Database=SoftwareCentral;User=SWCSqlLogin;Password=MzEyTWFuc29mdA==

(Note that the password needs to be encrypted using the standard …/forms/___encryptpassword.aspx tool)



Users in the untrusted domain can now access the new site.




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