Local Group Reports

Reports over all memberships granted to local group through SoftwareCentral can be made in “Local group report” interface found under the AD menu. The interface is seen on figure 14.

SYSTEM SSD:Users:johngadebirkholzpetersen:Desktop:Region capture 53.png


To add new reports click the “Add new report button and the report window will open. This window can be seen on figure 15.


SYSTEM SSD:Users:johngadebirkholzpetersen:Desktop:Region capture 51.png











In this window the name and a description of the report content can be added.

For specifying data in the report the different filters found in the right side can be used, the filters will only show data from the local group jobs.

Edit local group report

To edit an existing local group report, go to the main interface, and select the wanted report in the middle of the interface and press the “Edit” button, as seen on figure 14.

This will open the report window.


Delete local group report

To delete an existing local group report, click delete on report in the main interface as seen on figure 14.




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