Preparing the SCCM SQL Database

The SoftwareCentral installer will grant these permissions when running the SCCM check. If the installer is unable to grant these permissions, you may do it manually as follows:

SoftwareCentral needs to be able to query the SCCM’s SQL database directly and therefor needs read and execute permissions on the database. SoftwareCentral uses a SQL login for this operation.

To create the SQL login start the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Locate the Security folder. Right-click security and choose “New Login…” from the context-menu.


Click Search and find the SCCM_SWC_ADMIN account created in section 1. Make sure you selected “Windows authentication”.

Make sure that the default language for the login is set to English and press OK.


Locate the SCCM’s database. The name will start with “CM_”
Expand the tree to Security àUsers and then right-click the Users folder. Select “New User…” from the context menu.



Assign “db_datareader” to the SCCM_SWC_ADMIN account



Right-Click the SCCM database and choose “Properties” from the context-menu.


SYSTEM SSD:Users:johngadebirkholzpetersen:Desktop:Region capture 31.png


Choose Permissions and grant the SCCM_SWC_ADMIN database user Execute permissions on the SCCM database and click OK.


SYSTEM SSD:Users:johngadebirkholzpetersen:Desktop:Region capture 32.png


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