The SoftwareCentral web services can be called from ServiceNow via SOAP or REST.

This is only a theoretical example. Consult the ServiceNow manual for information on how to integrate an external web service.

To call a web service in SoftwareCentral from ServiceNow, you must have a site callable from the web. In this example we have set up a HTTPS site using Basic Authentication.


Here we show an example on how to configure a web service in ServiceNow that clones a computer.

The endpoint is the web service, with the publicly available address.

We enable Basic Authentication and use an AD account we have named "SWC_ServiceNowAccount". This account is member of a Security Role with access to the web service and some computers.


Our Clone Computer web service has the following parameters:


We then add these parameters in ServiceNow:



We can now test the web service from ServiceNow with our test values:



And view an example on script usage in ServiceNow:



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