Software Status

The Software Status interface in SoftwareCentral allows users to see deployment status for packages and applications.

From the left hand menu you can select one or multiple computers and one or multiple packages. The list you can select from only displays 10 entries at a time. Use the search-field to find what you are looking for.


The two buttons in the lower right corner will export the displayed results to PDF or Excel.


When you select a computer, all software deployed to this computer will be displayed:


Click on any item in the tree to the right to deselect it.


The Action column will display install/uninstall for applications and the deployed program name for packages.


The blue buttons in the center-grid will rerun the advertisement for packages and run the Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle for applications. This will only have an effect if the targeted computer is online.1


When you select multiple computers, all software deployed to these computers will be displayed.



When you select a package or application, all computers the package is deployed to will be displayed.


When you select multiple packages or applications, all computers these packages are deployed to will be displayed.



It is possible to select both computers and packages at the same time. So if you select 10 computers and 1 package, the deployment status on the 10 selected computers for the package will be displayed:




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