Problem: When I try to launch a tool, nothing happens.

Troubleshooting:  See if the log in SoftwareCentral gives any error messages.


Problem: The RPC server is unavailable.

Troubleshooting: SoftwareCentral was unable to connect to the client using WMI. You may enable the Remote Registry Service on your computers and enable it in the Settings menu in SoftwareCentral.

If your DNS isn’t working properly, you should manually deploy the script that registers SoftwareCentral to the URI Scheme. See the chapter “Manual registration to URI Scheme” in this guide.


Problem: When launching a tool, it only opens a command prompt with an error message.

Troubleshooting: Follow the instructions in the command prompt if any. Verify that the path to your tool is correct and that is accessible from the computer you try to launch it from.


Problem: When launching a tool, users gets redirected to an error page.

Troubleshooting: SoftwareCentral is most likely not registered to the URI Scheme. See the log in SoftwareCentral for details.

If SoftwareCentral is registered, try restarting the computer.




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