Uninstall SoftwareCentral

If you need to remove SoftwareCentral from a server, you can uninstall SoftwareCentral from the Programs and Features on the server where SoftwareCentral is installed:



Click "Uninstall/Change". This will open the uninstaller:


Click "Uninstall" to remove the files associated with SoftwareCentral.


You must manually remove the web site and the remaining folders in the SoftwareCentral install directory.

If you are moving SoftwareCentral to another server, you can manually copy the remaining files and folders to the new install location. This way you will not loose any custom scripts, images and so on.


If you are not moving the SoftwareCentral installation you must also remove the SoftwareCentral database and any service accounts you no longer need.


Uninstalling SoftwareCentral will not affect anything on your SCCM server.




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