Update the database manually

If it is not possible to update the database with the SoftwareCentral installer, then follow these steps:


Before updating the database it is highly recommended to take a backup. If you do not take a backup of the database, you will be unable to roll back to the current version after the update.


The database is updated by running a query on the SoftwareCentral database server.

The query is provided in a text file called “yyyy-mm-dd – Update Database v x.xx.txt”:

Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the server hosting the SoftwareCentral database:


Once connected, right-click on the SoftwareCentral database and select “New Query”:


A new query window will open.

Copy the content of the update database text file into the query window and click execute (1):

In the Messages tab (2) it should list the version the database is now at.


The database is now up to date and you can update the site.




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