This is the API for the End User Scheduler.


There is a web service "GetComputersWithDoNotRun" that returns a list of objects for computers which have chosen not to run the deployment.

The returned object "WS_ComputerObject" contains the following data:

The web service "GetComputersWithDoNotRun" is found at:



You can find a WSDL map at: http://[Your_SoftwareCentral_Address]]/SWCWebservices/CustomWebServices.asmx?wsdl


PowerShell Example

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# Web Service Parameters Start
[int]$endUserScheduleId = 1
# Web Service Parameters End

# The object that will make the call to the Web Service
$proxy = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri "http://[Your_SofwareCentral_Address]/SWCWebservices/CustomWebServices.asmx" -Class "Proxy" -UseDefaultCredential

# Call the Web Service
$listOfComputers = $proxy.GetComputersWithDoNotRun($endUserScheduleId)

# Print the result if any
foreach ($computer in $listOfComputers)
    Write-Host $computer.ResourceID
    Write-Host $computer.ComputerName
    Write-Host $computer.Username
    Write-Host $computer.Reason
    Write-Host $computer.TimestampUTC



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