Intune Devices

From the Intune Devices interface, you can see all your managed devices which are enrolled in Intune.

The Intune Devices interface is located under the Status menu button.

Many Intune objects, including devices, are stored in the SoftwareCentral database. Because of this, you may experience a delay before new devices show up in SoftwareCentral.

Use the "Can't find a device?" button to request devices directly from Intune.



When you click on a device, a new window will open. From this window you can see detailed information about the device.



Device Actions

From the Device Actions section there are multiple device actions that can be performed on the selected device. The available device actions will depend on your permissions, the device type and on the device ownership type.


Device Action Available on Description
Retire Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Removes company data managed by Intune. The user's personal data is not removed.
Wipe Windows, iOS, Android Factory reset returns the device to its default settings. This removes all personal and company data and settings from this device. You can choose whether to keep the device enrolled and the user account associated with this device. You cannot revert this action.
Delete Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Delete the device from Intune. You will no longer be able to view or manage the device from the Intune portal. The device will no longer be allowed to access your company's corporate resources. Company data may be wiped from the device if the device tries to check-in after it is deleted.
Sync Windows, Mac, iOS, Android SoftwareCentral will attempt to check in with the device. If successful, it will sync current actions or policies to the device.
Restart Windows Reboots the device. Users will not be automatically notified of the restart, and might lose unsaved work.
Fresh Start Windows This will remove all preloaded Win32 apps. You can choose whether to retain user data on the device.
Quick Scan Windows Windows Defender quick scan looks at all the locations on the device where there could be malware registered to start with the system, such as registry keys and known Windows startup folders. A quick scan helps provide strong coverage for both malware that starts with the system and kernel-level malware.
Full Scan Windows Windows Defender full scan checks all files and running programs on the device hard disk for malware. This scan could take longer than one hour.
Update Windows Defender security intelligence Windows Updates Windows Defender malware definitions for the device.
Rename Device Corporate owned device, Windows, Mac This is only available for corporate owned devices. Renames the device.
Remote Lock Mac, iOS, Android This action is intended to lock lost devices. While the device is locked, it will be unusable. For Mac's a six-digit recovery pin will be generated and displayed in the Device Action Log for 7 days. This PIN will be required to restore functionality to this device. Be sure to give the PIN to the device owner. For iOS and Android devices, users with the passcode will be able to unlock the device.
Remove Passcode iOS Removes the passcode. Users will be able to access the device without a passcode until a new one is set.
Send Custom Notification iOS, Android Sends a custom notification with your own title and message. Custom notifications might be visible on lock screen and to Android apps. Be careful when using them to share sensitive information. The title can be no longer than 50 characters. The Body can be no longer than 500 characters.
Reset Passcode Android Resets the passcode for the device. A new passcode will be generated and displayed in the Device Action Log for 7 days.


Device Action Log

The Device Action Log displays the last device actions performed on this device. It may also contain important information such as new passcodes and recovery keys.



From the properties section, you can change the device ownership type. You can choose between Personal and Corporate.

The device ownership type determines which data Intune collects about the device and which Device Actions there will be available.

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