Phased Deployments Advanced

This page describes how phased deployments work and some of the more advanced settings.


A phased deployment in SoftwareCentral is not the same as a phased deployment in the ConfigMgr.

The ConfigMgr is limited to two phases for software deployments.

And the ConfigMgr deploys the target software to a collection for each phase.


SoftwareCentrals phased deployments can contain an unlimited amount of phases.

In SoftwareCentral, software is only deployed to one install collection. Devices from a phase is added to this install collection.


Users can only see phased deployments for software their security role is allowed to see.

Available actions in the Phased Deployments interface can also be limited by the users security role.


In SoftwareCentral there is a build-in "phased deployment evaluator".

It runs automatically in the background. When it runs, it will execute any phases that are ready to be executed and evaluate the compliance state of currently active phases.


To make sure that the evaluator does not get silted up, old deployments must be removed. By default they are removed after 365 days. There is also a maximum runtime for each phase of 30 days.

These values can be changed from the Settings menu:


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