Phased Deployments

SoftwareCentral has the possibility to create, manage and monitor phased deployments. A Phased Deployment in SoftwareCentral is a sequenced rollout of software to multiple devices, divided into phases.

Phases can be based on members from a collection or from a fixed list. You define the success criteria for a phase, before SoftwareCentral will move on to the next phase. There are no limits for how many phases there can be.

You can create a Phased Deployment of a package, application, task sequence and application group.

You can required that a phase must be approved before it will start.

And you can get status reports by mail.

Note that this functionality is not the same as Phased Deployments in MECM.


The Phased Deployments interface is found under the "Software" menu button: 


Follow the links below for more details:

Create Phased Deployment - Instructions on how to create a phased deployment.

Edit / Delete Phased Deployments - Instructions on how to edit and delete a phased deployment.

Phased Deployment Status - Instructions on how to monitor a phased deployment.

Phased Deployments Templates - Instructions on how to create and manage templates for phased deployments.




For a description of how phased deployments work and some of the advanced settings, view Phased Deployments Advanced


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