The Deployment Manager can deploy software and operating systems out of the box.

The monitor part however requires some configuration for it to work properly.

The monitor gets it primary feed from the SCCM server. But the SCCM server has a delay before it shows any status messages. So the monitor is also capable of reading log files and registry data from the client computers. This gives users access to live data from a deployment.

It can also show users data directly from the client log files, filtered by what is relevant for the current deployment. This way users won’t have to browse through big log files and no log viewer is required, nor does the users need permission to access the client computers file systems.



The SoftwareCentral service account, application pool user, must have local administrative permissions on all clients.

If you have enabled the Remote Registry Service on all of your clients, then you to the Settings menu in SoftwareCentral under SCCM/Clients and check the “Remote Registry Service Enabled”. Otherwise, SoftwareCentral will use WMI to connect to the clients, which is noticeably slower.


Packages / Applications

If your packages and applications are executed from script files instead of msi files, your scripts should return the exit code of the actual executable instead of the script itself. If it only returns the exit code of the script and the deployment fails but the script runs successfully, the Deployment Manager will show the deployment as a success because the exit code returned was from the script.

This only applies for live data. Once the SCCM detects that the deployment has failed, the Deployment Manager will also show the deployment as failed.


Task Sequences

The Deploy Operating System functionality gives users the possibility to Migrate User Data when reinstalling a computer. For this setting to work, you need to configure your task sequences to support this. See the guide “Task Sequence Configuration” for a detailed description on how to do this.

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