About the log

Every action made in SoftwareCentral will add an entry to the log. A log entry is made up of a timestamp, a severity number, the user who initiated the action, details about the action and a category.


Actions initiated by the system is registered as a users named “Service”, "NoUser" and "CloudUser".


The screenshot below shows the Log interface:


There are 3 tabs with different log messages. The tabs can be assigned to security roles, so a user may only see his or hers personal log.

The general log shows all log messages.

The personal log only shows log messages from the user currently signed on.

The event log shows log messages from the Event Viewer on the server where SoftwareCentral is installed. This is only needed for advanced troubleshooting of site related errors.


You can use the search filters in the left menu to find and export log messages.


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