Custom Shop Items

Custom Shop Items are “non-package”-objects which can be ordered from the Shop.

Custom Shop Items can be used to do pretty much anything from the shop. They are included in the normal approval flow, so that an order for a custom shop item, can be approved/declined like any other package.

When a custom shop item is ordered / approved / declined, a custom VBScript or PowerShell Script can be triggered to do anything.

This guide is for an advanced function and is written for people with knowledge about SoftwareCentral, SCCM and scripting.

Possible uses for custom shop items could be:

-          Place a support ticket - complete with required fields, e-mail notifications and feedback to the requester.

-          Order local administrative permissions on your computer for limited time. Can be configured to ask for your managers’ approval.

-          Request a site to be defined as trusted within your domain.

-         Order hardware or anything else.



Basic Setup

To add a custom shop item, click on the “Add new Shop Item”. A new window will open:


The only required field is the Name field.

The same rules for the package approval flow applies for custom shop items. Read more under Approval Flow.

You can select Software Variables that the user must fill in before the item is ordered.

Note that under “Security” you can allow all users to see this item or limit it to one or more Package Security Groups.

Under Additional Languages, translations can be added for the name and description.

Under the Action tab, you can configure a script to run when the item is ordered / approved / declined. (See the guide “Custom Actions” for a detailed description on how scripts are executed from SoftwareCentral).


We have prepared 3 examples on how to use custom shop items.

1.       Support Ticket in the Shop

2.       Order Hardware in the Shop

3.       Order temporary administrative permissions

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