Import Computers

With SoftwareCentral users can import multiple computers in a single operation. Users can apply templates, use automatic computer names, set primary users and more.

Use a CSV file to import the computers. The CSV file can be edited directly from the interface and any errors will be highlighted before the import.

Computer entries can also be added manually or in a combination with one or more CSV files.


To import multiple computers in a single operation, go to the “Import Computers” interface found under the “Devices” menu button:


From the main interface, users can upload CSV files (1), manually enter and edit computer entries (2) and see a list of the computers about to be imported (3).



Import Computers using a CSV file

Use the select button in the left menu to browse to the CSV file or drag and drop the CSV file over it. The computers from the CSV file will then be displayed in the interface. Any errors with the computers will be highlighted.


CSV files must be in the following format:



Example with a computer naming series, a Mac address, no SMBIOS GUID, a primary user, a computer template and an operating system:

PC*,65:DC:46:54:64:65,,dom\mmp,Windows 10 Computer - da_DK,Windows 10 Enterprise


Example with a manually typed computer name, no Mac address, a SMBIOS GUID, a primary user, a computer template and no operating system:
PC0127,,46565745-6654-65E5-6464-566E46464601,dom\jgp,Windows 10 Computer - da_DK


Example with a manually typed computer name, a Mac Address, a SMBIOS GUID, no primary user, no template and an operating system:
PC0128,46:43:64:64:B6:BD,F4465F46-54CD-64B6-CBC6-46ADF98DC65D,,,Windows 10 Enterprise


If there are any errors in the CSV file, the fields with errors will get a light red color, and when the mouse hovers over the field, a small error text will be shown.



To correct the errors click on the computer, and all the fields in the top of the interface will be populated with the data and the necessary changes can be made, also the computer can be removed from the list. For saving changes click the Apply button.



Manually import computers

You can import computers manually (without a CSV file) by filling in the fields in the middle and click on the "Add" button:


Status Report

You can get a status report send to your mail-address. This can be helpful to follow up on the status of the import and to match assigned computer names and resource ids to mac-addresses.

Add your mail-address in the textbox in the right menu to get a status report after the import is completed:


Note that the status report only contains the status of the actual import, not the installation status of the operating systems. Use the Deployment Manager to monitor the installation status.


Example of the report:


Use copy paste to get the report into Excel.


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