To install SoftwareCentral, the account that signs on to the web server must also have the following permissions:


Follow the installation guide to install SoftwareCentral.


Windows Server minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for this server is as follows:


Hardware requirements will increase with the amount of simultaneous users of SoftwareCentral. If needed, SoftwareCentral supports load balancing and SQL clusters.


Required server roles and features


Firewall ports

The following ports must be open:


ConfigMgr requirements

SoftwareCentral connects to your ConfigMgr using the service account. You may also add additional service accounts after the installation, that can be used for this connection.

The account used must have the following permissions on the ConfigMgr:


You can import a security role with the required permissions, using the following xml. Go to the ConfigMgr console -> Administration -> Security -> Secuirty Roles and select Import in the upper left corner. Copy the XML below to notepad and save it as an xml file. Then import the file.

ConfigMgr Security Role
Copy Code
  <SMS_Role CopiedFromID="SMS0009R" RoleName="SoftwareCentral" RoleDescription="">
      <Operation GrantedOperations="1890811559" ObjectTypeID="1" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="805446663" ObjectTypeID="2" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="524289" ObjectTypeID="6" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="140295" ObjectTypeID="7" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="537011207" ObjectTypeID="9" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="1031" ObjectTypeID="11" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="813835269" ObjectTypeID="17" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="140295" ObjectTypeID="19" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="537011207" ObjectTypeID="20" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="805448711" ObjectTypeID="31" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="536871943" ObjectTypeID="33" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="9" ObjectTypeID="42" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="9" ObjectTypeID="43" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="1031" ObjectTypeID="219" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="142359" ObjectTypeID="224" />
      <Operation GrantedOperations="1031" ObjectTypeID="226" />


Intune requirements (For Azure OpenID authentication)

You can use Azure OpenID to authenticate users to SoftwareCentral. To do this, an Application Registration in your Azure AD is required.

This is described in details here.


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