Import Computers

SoftwareCentral offers several ways to import computers into the SCCM server. Computer imports can be simplified and standardized using Computer Templates and you can apply software to computers during operating system deployments using Software Groups.

From the main interface you can find the Prestage Computer interface, which is the most simple interface to import a computer.

Import Computer gives you more options to customize the settings for your computer.

Import Computers allows you to import multiple computers in a single operation. You can also import computers from a CSV file from the Import Multiple Computers interface.

You can use the Deployment Manager to monitor the status of an operating system deployment.


SoftwareCentral also offers a "Prestage Computer" application that can be integrated into your task sequences for easy import of unknown computers.


See the chapter Task Sequence Configuration for information on how to configure your task sequences to work with the templates and software groups in SoftwareCentral.



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