About Manage Software on a Single Resource
About the log
Acquire the update
Active Directory Module
Active Directory Module Delegation of privilege
Add Imported Computer to user defined Collection
Advanced troubleshooting
Advertisement Flags
All Reports
Application Delegation (Package Security Groups)
Application Groups
Application Management
Application Templates
Application Templates
Application Wizard
Applications and Collections in SoftwareCentral
Approval Flow
Approve Update Service
Approver Management
Approvers View
Assign Packages to Security Groups
Assign Tools to Security Roles
Auto Update Plus
Azure AD Groups
Azure AD Users
Basic Configuration before use
Basic Settings
Call a Web Service
Choose Device
Choose Device Configuration
Client Log
Client Manager
Clone Computers
Clone Multiple Computer
Clone Single Computer
Clone User
Collection Management
Common problems after an update
Computer Association when importing a computer
Computer Groups
Computer Naming Schemas
Computer Selection
Computer Templates
Computer Templates
Computer Templates
Configuration of security roles
Configuration of SoftwareCentral
Configuration of the SCCM Server
Configuration of the SoftwareCentral Client
Configure Anonymous or Basic Authentication
Configure HTTPS
Configure SoftwareCentral for the first time
Configure the application pool
Configuring SoftwareCentral with an untrusted domain
Content Status
Convert Package to Application
Convert Package to Application
Create a Response Header
Create an Active Directory Group
Create an Active Directory User
Create App Registration for Azure OpenID Authentication
Create Application
Create Applications
Create Html Content
Create Multiple Applications
Create Package
Create Phased Deployment
Create the Web Site
Creating the SoftwareCentral database
Custom Actions
Custom Collection Structures
Custom Shop Items
Default Collection Structure
Delegate Computers
Delegation for Computer objects
Delegation for Group objects
Delegation for User objects
Delete Computers
Delete Computers in Group
Delete Multiple Computers
Delete Single Computer
Deployment Manager
Deployment Manager Configuration
Deployment Monitor
Deployment Packages
Deployment Plan
Deployment Templates
Design HTA
Device Status
Disable Prompt
Distribution Settings
Download Packages
Edit / Delete Phased Deployments
Edit Applications
Edit Computer
Edit Computers
Edit Schedule
End User Scheduler
External Tools Configuration
Functionality Overview
General Log and Personal Log
General Settings
Get SoftwareCentral
Getting Started
Getting Started
Getting Started with the Cloud
Health Check
How does SoftwareCentral work?
HTA Deployment
HTA Task Sequence
Import Computer
Import Computer From Web Service
Import Computers
Import Computers
Import Multiple Computers
Important to know before getting started
Initial Configuration
Install SoftwareCentral
Install the files
Install Updates
Installing SoftwareCentral
Installing SoftwareCentral in the untrusted domain
Installing SoftwareCentral Overview
Installing the update
Interface Overview
Introduction to the Deployment Manager
Introduction to the Deployment Manager
Intune Application Templates
Intune Applications
Intune Configuration
Intune Configuration [DEPRECATED]
Intune Dashboard
Intune Devices
Intune Permissions
License Harvesting
License Overview
License Report Viewer
License Reports
Local Group
Local Group Overview
Local Group Reports
Log message severity (importance)
Machine Variable Names
Machine Variables
Mail Template Editor
Manage Licenses
Manage Orders
Manage Software
Manage Software
Manage Software on Computers
Manage Software on Multiple Resources
Manage Tools
Manage Update Service
Mend Packages and Applications
Menu Overview
My Account
New Topic 2
Oops - Something Went Wrong
Open URL
Order Hardware in the Shop
Order History
Order temporary administrative permissions
Package Management
Package Security Group Example - Keep Test and Production packages separate on the same SCCM
Package Security Groups
Package Templates
Package Wizard
Password Manager
Patch Management Configuration
Patch Management Settings
Patch Management Template
Phased Deployment
Phased Deployment Status
Phased Deployments
Phased Deployments Advanced
Phased Deployments Templates
Predefined Application Settings
Preparing the SCCM
Preparing the SCCM SQL Database
Prerequisites for SoftwareCentral
Prestage Computer
Prestage Computer
Pre-Windows 2000 domain names
Product Categories
Program Flags
Reinstall Computers
Reinstall Multiple Computers
Reinstall Single Computer
Remote Control
Remote Control Tool
Remote Control Tool
Remote Control Tool Configuration
Replace Application
Replace Package/Application
Reset Password
Reset Password Configuration
Reset Password Overview
Restarting website
Run Locally
Run on Server
SCCM Folders and Collections
SCCM Queries
SCCM Reporting Delegation
SCCM Reporting Setup
SCCM Reports
Scheduled Deployments
Search Folders
Search the log
Security Roles
Security Roles
Security Roles
Select Computer / User
Service Manager
ServiceNow integration
Servicing Plans
Set the Authentication for the SoftwareCentral website
Setup HTA Script
Setup local admin permission
Setup login as a service permission
Setup permissions to the SoftwareCentral database
Setup Website
Setup Windows PE
Shop for MEM (Intune)
Shop Setup Guide
Shop Statistics
Shopping in SoftwareCentral
Single Sign-On using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services as Identity Provider
Software Administration
Software Groups
Software Groups
Software Groups
Software Status
Software Variables
SoftwareCentral HTA
SoftwareCentral License Information
SoftwareCentral Migration
SoftwareCentral Plus !
SoftwareCentral Shop
SoftwareCentral Untrusted Domain Support
Support Ticket in the Shop
Task Sequence Configuration
Uninstall SoftwareCentral
Update Java Using Replace Package
Update Service Status
Update SoftwareCentral
Update the database manually
Updating the SoftwareCentral database
Use the Shop without DNS Lookup
Use Tools
User Device Affinity
User Selection
Validate Licenses
Web Services
Windows 10 Servicing
Windows Autopilot Devices